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Standard Lead time of this Product is 2-3 weeks
As low as $1,302.16
SKU 0-2380-11C
Weight 40.000000
Item Code 0-2380-11
Sub Cat 1 Lab Furniture 
Sub Cat 2 Lab Cabinets 
Style/Material Reflective special steel plate
General Name Lab Cabinets 
Shipping Type hebigat
Size / Purpose for sterilization and storage
Item Wgt (KG) 40
Model # UVL-1/OW
Origin Japan
Item L (CM) 500
Item W (CM) 580
Item H (CM) 1800
Product Availability Standard Lead time of this Product is 2-3 weeks

 Sterilization lamp TUV-15W has a sterilization output that is about 30% higher than that of conventional lamps, and has a lifespan of 8000 hours, which is twice as long.  During the life period, the attenuation rate of the sterilization line output is small, and energy can be saved.  A lighting lamp is attached so you can check from the outside. 

Model Number: UVL-1, OW 

Size (mm): 455 x 515 x 1790 

Specification: For 1 Person 

Material: Steel, Top, Bottom/Reflective Special Steel Plate (Side, back of door are not including reflective plate,reflective steel plate) 

Sterilization Light: TUV-15W, 1 room 2 lamps 

Sterilization Lamp Life: Approximately 8000 hours 

Timer: Switching Type From 4 hours, 1 Hour, Continuous 

Sterilization Ray Amount: 42W/cm2 (value at distance 1m) 

Wavelength: 253.7nm 

With Lighting Check Lamp 

*Sterilization lamp turns off when you open the door in actual products. 

*There are spots that sterilization effect weakens depending on irradiation performance. 


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