PVC EPDM Implex Valve Gear Box With Manual Reducer, Hidroten Ø315



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SKU 1009635
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Item Code 1009635
Sub Cat 1 Pipe products
Sub Cat 2 Pipe & Valve and Fitting Heated Covers
Style/Material PVC EPDM Implex Valve
General Name Gear Box With Manual Reducer
Shipping Type hebigat
Item Wgt (KG) 19.3526
Model # 1009635
Origin Spain
Item L (CM) 695
Item W (CM) 370
Item H (CM) 131
Item Packaging 1
Manufacturer Hidroten
Specifications Met 400-432 K distance between bolts
Application For fittings

The PVC-U compact butterfly valve is characterized by its reinforced body, with reinforcement

ribbings and integrated screw housing. It is a valve specially aimed to industry, using A-2 steel

as a standard.

The Implex range is characterized by the multi-standard design of screw housing, making it

suitable for any market. It can be made of PVC or GFPP which makes it very versatile, as it can be adapted to a great deal of applications. It can be started through a clutch or a trigger.

Hidroten butterfly valves, both clutch or trigger models, allow the installation of a manual

gearbox or an actuator both pneumatic and electric in any of our valves, and they always offer the proper valve for any need.


Inside the pipes according to the standard UNE-EN 1452 (PVC-U) and UNE-EN 12201 (PE).

The Implex model allows to fit flanges with different standards:

DIN 8063, ANSI 16.5, BS 10 tabla D/E, UNE- EN 1452 (PVC-U).


- SECTOR: Agriculture, swimming pool, civil engineering, and industry

- RANGE Ø63-315 mm in PVC-U, Ø63-160 mm in GRPP and Ø355-400 in PPR


- SHAFT Zinc plated / Inox A-2 - Inox A-4

- HANDLE Catch handle and trigger handle

- ACTUATION: Electric actuator and pneumatic actuator simple or double acting

- PN:

o PN 10 bar, 145 PSI. Ø63 to 160 mm

o PN 7 bar, 102 PSI. Ø355 mm

o PN 6 bar, 87 PSI. Ø200 to 400 mm


DN 315

Volume 0.068794


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