PISCO Vacuum VTB-EG Pincette (Black)



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SKU P6613A022
Weight 0.017000
Item Code VTB-EG
Sub Cat 1 Vacuum Component
Sub Cat 2 Air Pincette
Style/Material with valve
General Name Air Pincette
Shipping Type bulilit
Color Black
Item Packaging 1
Manufacturer Pisco
Product Availability Product estimate lead time is 8-10 weeks

Best suitable for assembling small components.

VTB with built-in valve model which features low noise and energy saving by flowing air only during service are available.

Type: VTB
Fluid medium: Air
Operating pressure range: 0.15-0.7MPa
Rated pressure supply: 0.5MPa
Nozzle Bore: ø0.4mm
Final Vacuum: -80kPa
Suction Flow: 2ℓ/min[ANR]
Operating Temp. Range: 0 ~ 60°C(No freezing)
Volume resistance(※) (Anti-static type only): Conductive ABS: 1×104Ω·cm, Conductive PA: 1×103Ω·cm, Conductive POM: 1×102Ω·cm, Conductive PBT: 1×103Ω·cm, Anti-static Coiling Tube: 1.4×103Ω·cm
Air Supply port (Tube O.D.): ø4mm
Holder Type: with Valve
Color: EG / Black (Anti-static type)


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