Half-Sked Patient Drag Stretcher, Skedco 752008 Designed For Rescuers




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Standard Lead time of this Product is 3-4 weeks
SKU 752008
Weight 3.700000
Item Code 752008
Sub Cat 1 EMT and Rescue Supplies
Sub Cat 2 Stretchers
Style/Material Half-Sked Patient Drag
General Name Stretcher
Shipping Type hebigat
Size / Purpose Designed For Rescuers
Item Wgt (KG) 3.7
Model # 752008
Origin USA
Color Orange
Manufacturer CMC
Application For Rescue & Life Safety Uses
Product Availability Standard Lead time of this Product is 3-4 weeks

Skedco developed the Half-Sked for extricating patients from spaces too tight or restricted for other stretchers. Ideal for tactical teams that need to secure and rapidly extricate an injured person, the Half-Sked allows rescuers to bend the patient at the hips, allowing greater flexibility to turn corners in caves or confined spaces. It uses two-inch-wide chest and leg straps with side-release buckles to package the patient quickly and securely, particularly valuable if the patient must be immediately evacuated from a high risk area.

Additional Skedco Products
If this Skedco product does not fit your needs, CMC carries others that may. Other Skedco products CMC has offered are the SKED-EVAC Industrial Tripod, Sked Tripod Winch Bracket, Skedco Oregon Spine Splint II, HMH Sked Stretcher, Sked Stretcher Flotation System, Sked Basic Rescue System with or without Cobra Buckles and the SKED-EVAC Aluminum Cobra Buckle Conversion Kit itself. Skedco’s aircraft-grade aluminum SKED Tripod and Skedco’s plastic stretcher, litter products can be utilized in many technical rope rescue and industrial rope access operations in confined space, search and rescue (SAR), fire rescue, air operations, swiftwater, urban rescue (USAR) and work at height.


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