3M Hard Hat, White 4-Point Ratchet Suspension H-701R, 20 EA/Case



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Item Code 7000002414
Sub Cat 1 Head Protection
Sub Cat 2 Hard Hats and Helmets 
General Name Hard Hats and Helmets 
Shipping Type bulilit
UOM White
Model # H-701R
Color White
Specifications Met ANSI Z87.1-2015, CSA Z94.3
Application Sanding Filler Clear Coat Blending Weld Grinding Sanding Primer Sanding Machine Sanding Surface Preparation for Painting Intermediate Sanding Repairing Large Area Paint Defects Surface Preparation Finishing Paint Preparation Paint Removal Coat Blending
Type Product Front Brim Hard Hat

Comfortable head protection plays an essential role in promoting the safety of your crew. Help give your workers an excellent blend of comfort, style, and safety with 3M Hard Hats. The tough, durable shell and adjustable suspension system work together to help absorb the impact of small falling objects and help protect workers from bumping into fixed objects. The Suspension sits lower on the head to help reduce pressure and increase security. Optional Uvicator sensor lets wearer know when to replace hard hat due to UV exposure.

Feature : 

Suspension sits lower on head to help reduce pressure and increase security.

Smooth, easy turning ratchet suspension.

Optimized comfort with three levels of adjustment.

Venting encourages airflow.

Reverse donning eliminates the brim and can help enhance upward visibility.

Hard hat features accessory slots for ear muff attachment and/or headgear and faceshield attachment.

3M UVicator sensor shows when it’s time to replace the hard hat due to UV exposure

Smooth easy turning  4-Point Ratchet Suspension

Specification : 

PPE_Sel_Q011:Head & Face"


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