RS PRO PP Storage Bin, 246mm x 335mm, Blue

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Standard lead time of this product is 2-3 weeks
LSG Stock No.: 3903659
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Mfr. Part No.: 390-3659
Sub Cat 1 Shelving and Storage Racks
Sub Cat 2 Bin Organizers
General Name Storage Bin
Shipping Type bulilit
Color Blue
Item Packaging 1
Manufacturer RS Pro
Product Availability Standard lead time of this product is 2-3 weeks

From RS Pro range of high-quality plastic storage bins made from robust polypropylene designed for simple and effective small parts organisation and storage in the workplace and in the home. These storage bins are stackable and can be stacked on top of one another to provide both a space saving solution to your storage needs and ease of handling. The bins can also be nested within one another for up to 70% space savings during transport or storage. The front of the bin is open to allow easy access to the contents. Moulded in card holders on the front of the bin allow the insertion of index cards or labels (not supplied) for easy identification of contents. Dividers are also available separately to further organise the contents of the bin. These can be front to back versions (see stock number 400-9073 typically) or left to right (see stock number 400-8339 typically)

What is a Storage Bin?

A storage bin is a type of storage box that is used for storing multiple small components or parts. These bins can be used on their own, placed on shelves or stacked on top of one another. They can also be used with louvred panels or cabinets to form part of a larger storage system.

Where can these Bins be used?

Bins are used in a wide range of industries as well as in the home to provide a clutter-free and functional way of storing and organising components and household items. These plastic storage bins are commonly used in modern warehouses and manufacturing as parts bins where they are mounted on louvred panels or in racking systems. The use of an effective storage system helps to improve both workflow and efficiency. Plastic storage boxes can also be used in hospitals, workshops, offices, laboratories and garages

What is Polypropylene?

These plastic bins are made from polypropylene which is a type of thermoplastic. Polypropylene is tough, lightweight and has excellent stiffness and impact strength. This thermoplastic also has good fatigue resistance which means it will retain shape after a lot of bending and flexing. Polypropylene also has excellent chemical resistance.

Features and Benefits

These plastic storage bins have the following features and benefits:

• Will nest within one another to save storage space when not in use
• Open front for ease of access to contents
• Ergonomic and durable design
• Made from robust polypropylene which is both durable and resistant to most chemicals, oils and acids
• Polypropylene can withstand a temperature range from -15°C to +50°C. However, this is dependant upon use or application and may not apply when the storage bin is under load or stress
• Non-toxic
• Moulded in index card slot on the front of the storage bin for product identification
• Accept dividers to further organise contents

Container Stacking Loads

Please note that when stacking these bins that the entire stack load is dispersed onto the bin at the bottom therefore neither the individual load or the total load of the stacked containers (up to the maximum stack height) should exceed the maximum stack load. Please see datasheet for stacking load information

Storage Bin systems

These plastic storage bins can be used separately, mounted on louvred panels or stored in cabinets and open racked shelving to form a larger storage system. The following storage systems are available from RS Pro:

Louvred Panel Systems

A louvred panel system is designed for holding plastic bins and is an alternative to shelving. The storage bins are simply hung on to the slots on the panel. The use of these panels maximises storage space.

• Wall-mounted louvre panel – see stock number 555-471 typically
• Free standing louvre panel unit – see stock number 424-5588 typically
• Louvred panel trolleys – see stock number 424-5465 typically
• Louvred panel cabinets – see stock number 877-6825

The maximum weight these bins will take when fixed to a wall-mounted louvred panel are as listed below.

Size 1 = 8 kg.
Size 2 = 8 kg.
Size 3 = 20 kg.
Size 4 = 24 kg.
Size 5 = 30 kg.
Size 6 = 40 kg.
Size 7 = 28 kg.

Lockable Storage Cabinets

These cabinets are made from steel and have adjustable shelves and secure key operated locking doors. See stock number 424-5443 typically

Shelving Bays

These are open shelving units allowing easy access to your storage bins. See stock number 771-9180 typically

Container Trolleys

These trolleys provide a mobile storage system for your storage bins. Louvres at the back of the trolley allow the bins to be hung in place. See stock number 134-229

Other storage bins are available:

390-3299 is a 103 x 100 x 50mm Red Stack & Nest Bin

390-3328 is a 103 x 100 x 50mm Blue Stack & Nest Bin

390-3356 is a 172 x 109 x 80mm Red Stack & Nest Bin

390-3384 is a 172 x 109 x 80mm Blue Stack & Nest Bin

390-3407 is a 250 x 179 x 130mm Red Stack & Nest Bin

390-3435 is a 250 x 179 x 130mm Blue Stack & Nest Bin

390-3457 is a 349 x 239 x 130mm Red Stack & Nest Bin

390-3491 is a 349 x 239 x 130mm Blue Stack & Nest Bin

390-3558 is a 349 x 239 x 180mm Blue Stack & Nest Bin

390-3514 is a 349 x 239 x 180mm Red Stack & Nest Bin

390-3570 is a 470 x 385.5 x 180mm Red Stack & Nest Bin

390-3609 is a 470 x 385.5 x 180mm Blue Stack & Nest Bin

390-3659 is a 510 x 335 x 246mm Blue Stack & Nest Bin

390-3621 is a 510 x 335 x 246mm Red Stack & Nest Bin

Attribute Value
Type Storage Bin
Bin Material PP
Overall Height 246mm
Overall Width 335mm
Overall Depth 510mm
Colour Blue
Compatible Bin Size 7


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