Air Shower Tunnel type

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    Air Shower Tunnel type

    Air Shower Tunnel type

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  • Main body construction:heavy gauge Steel Plate with powder coating, and with stainless steel floor to minimize particle generation.
  • Mechanical or electrical interlock:helps preventing premature or mistaken opening of the pressure-sealed doors.
  • An Emergency Stop push button:will override the operating cycle to release the door locks immediately.
  • A power failure safety function:the door locks will open automatically, while power is fail accidentally, to protect workers from dangers.
  • Interior fluorescent lamp and flush windows:for best visibility and safety.
  • All units come standard with Programmable microprocessor control, touch panel, and timer w/LED Display.
  • With Auto, Stop, Manual, Emergency Stop function keys.
  • W/ Running, or Air Shower Clean Mode indicators fitted on FRT & RR door.
  • An optional timer, which deactivates interlock system 5 seconds after air shower clean mode finished, is available.
  • Audio system is available for an option.