Payment Information


For your convenience, LSG accepts different payment methods:

  • Cash

  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express

  • PayPal

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) 

  • Paymaya

Payment terms are at LSG's sole discretion, and unless otherwise agreed to by LSG, payment must be received before LSG accepts an order. Orders are not binding upon LSG until accepted by LSG. Any quotations LSG provides are valid for the period stipulated in the quotation.

Invoicing Options

To meet the unique demands of your business, we offer different invoicing options so you can choose the one that’s best for you.

Consolidated Invoicing:

You will receive only one invoice per order, even if the items are shipped from multiple locations. This is our standard billing procedure unless you request for another invoicing option.

Periodic Invoicing/Billing:

All of your purchases will be tracked and consolidated into one invoice. Simply tell us when you would like your billing cycle to start and whether you prefer a monthly, weekly, biweekly or daily invoice schedule. 

Packing Slip Invoicing:

We will send you an invoice for each packing slip.