3M Aerospace Sealant AC-770 B-1, 3.5 oz Kit

$ 32.07

  • Low density formula weighs 3–4 lbs. less per gallon than traditional sealants
  • Quick cure allows increased throughput
  • Helps reduce shrinkage and rework for total cost reduction
  • Seals joints and gaps in fuselage applications

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Our 3M Aerospace Sealant AC-770 is a family of Class B, manganese dioxide cured polysulfide sealants formulated for easy tooling. Their fast cure time and low density contribute to faster process times and lighter aircraft. These two-component sealants have outstanding resistance to jet fuel, chemicals and petroleum products common throughout the aerospace industry.

Lightweight, Effective Sealing

3M Aerospace Sealant AC-770 offers a number of advantages and benefits compared to competitive sealants. Its lighter weight formula, 25% lower density than traditional sealants, saves vital aircraft weight. AC-770 is available with a 1 hour and 2 hour application life and typical cure times of 6 hours and 11 hours, respectively. Its light weight and low density make it ideal for fuselage sealing and void filling applications. Our manganese dioxide cured product is also highly resistant to aviation fuel and many other chemicals common to the aerospace industry.



Application Life

1 Hour, 2 Hour


Aircraft Maintenance & Production Efficiency, Aircraft Sustainability, Aircraft Weight Reduction, Aviation Safety Enhancement



Cure Type

Fast Cure

Product Form


Product Volume

0.5 Ounce, 12 Ounce, 2 Ounce, 24 Ounce, 3.5 Ounce, 50 Gallon, 96 Ounce

Storage Environment

Room Temperature

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