3M Polyurethane Protective Boot SJ8663 FP551 Transparent

$ 1,067.45

  • Protects against erosion caused by Foreign Object Debris (FOD) such as rain and sand
  • UV stable transparent polyurethane material holds its clarity and will not yellow over time (matte black color also available)
  • Can be used to protect radomes with virtually no reduction in transmissivity
  • Custom molded for precise fit

SKU: B2024J010

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From our leading edge to yours, 3M Aerospace offers a highly effective and economical solution to protect the vital surfaces of your aircraft from erosion and FOD. Our 3M Polyurethane Protective Boot SJ8663 is thermoformed for a precise custom fit and protects its corresponding component against paint chipping, moisture, staining, UV and abrasion throughout the flight envelope.

We custom form the 3M Polyurethane Protective Boot SJ8663 adhesive-backed polyurethane for exact-fitting protection. It is available in transparent or matte black and is paintable. This protective boot can be applied over unpainted or painted surfaces and forms a protective barrier between vulnerable surfaces and damaging elements. These products perform equally well on metal and composite materials. Our boots are one of the most economical and effective solutions available to protect those high value assets that are subject to damage. 


Erosion Protection, Surface Protection


Aircraft Maintenance & Production Efficiency, Aviation Safety Enhancement


Black, Transparent

Platform Manufacturer

Bae, Boeing, Bombardier, Fairchild, McDonnell Douglas

Storage Environment

Room Temperature

Surface Finish

Gloss Finish, Matte Finish

Total Thickness

0.014, 0.018

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