3M Scotch-Weld Fuel Resistant Coating EC-776 Quart

$ 101.04

  • Resists oil, gasoline, and aromatic fuels to protect against exposure to fuel
  • Excellent low-temperature flexibility
  • Meets aerospace industry customer specification requirements
  • Amber color helps identification

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We developed 3M Scotch-Weld Fuel Resistant Coating EC-776 as a general purpose, solvent based adhesive coating that provides good adhesion to synthetic rubber, metal, glass and many plastics. Our fuel and oil resistant elastomer based coating provides good flexibility, retaining its flexibility across a range of temperatures.


3M Scotch-Weld Fuel Resistant Coating EC-776 is an ideal solution for protecting many aircraft components that may be damaged or their performance diminished by coming in contact with aviation fuel. Any vulnerable component such as those adjacent to refuel/defuel fittings, fuel dump valves, drain ports, access panels, system plumbing and fuel tank vents will be better protected against pre-mature failure caused by exposure to fuel. Our fuel resistant coating can also be used to coat aluminum or steel fuel tanks using the fill and drain method. Certain additives and other chemicals in aviation fuels can increase the erosion of the fuel tank top coat inside the fuel tank. Inner fuel tank top coatings can peel and generate chips and particles that clog engine fuel filters, increasing maintenance costs and prolonging aircraft downtimes. 3M Scotch-Weld Fuel Resistant Coating EC-776 can help reduce periodic fuel tank maintenance requirements, costs and downtime. 


Specialty Coating




Aircraft Maintenance & Production Efficiency

Chemical Base



Clear Amber

Cure Temperature

Room Temperature


0.9 g/cc, 0.9 Gram Per Litre

Percent Volatile

76 Percent

Product Type

Urethane Coating

Storage Environment

Room Temperature

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