RS PRO Lockout Kit

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Standard Lead time of this Product is 2-3 weeks
LSG Stock No.: F3401E001
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Mfr. Part No.: 862-5247
Sub Cat 1 Lockout Tagout
Sub Cat 2 Lockout Stations
Sub Cat 3 Portable Lockout Kits
General Name Lockout Kit
Shipping Type hebigat
Item Wgt (KG) 1.923232
Model # 862-5247
Color Blue
Product Availability Standard Lead time of this Product is 2-3 weeks

RS PRO Lockout Starter Kit

An essential addition to any workplace, this starter kit is from our high-quality own brand RS PRO, offering machine, electrics and worker protection.

Designed for multipurpose protection, the kit features 24 different products for employee safety, all neatly stored in a tough carrying case. The carrying bag itself has internal pockets for storage of the smaller products, a handle and shoulder carrier for ideal portability.

Features and Benefits:

• Portable kit

• Basic lockout for valves and electrical panels

• 24 products

What is a lock-out device used for?

In industrial, manufacturing and laboratory environments lockout procedures are vital in ensuring health and safety regulation and guidelines are followed. Lockout-Tagout or 'LOTO' is used to ensure dangerous machinery or electricity can be properly shut off or shutdown without the ability to be started up again without removing the lockout device. Some devices require more than one person to unlock ensuring there is an agreement it is safe to start up the machinery.

Lockouts are used to shut down or lock dangerous machinery usually whilst maintenance or repair work is carried out, this ensures no harm to the person/employee carrying out the repairs. Lockouts come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and devices for example tags, hasps, kits, breaker switch lockout, energy isolation devices and switch lockouts.


RS PRO is our own brand range and brings you a wide range of high-quality, great value products offering you more choice. Trusted by engineers all over the world, every part of every RS PRO product has been rigorously tested against demanding industry standards; they’re only given the RS PRO Seal of Approval if we’re confident of their exceptional quality, which means you can be confident too.

Supplied with

1x Gate Valve Lockout 02 = 8188072

1x Gate Valve Lockout 04 = 8188076

1x Ball Valve Lockout – Small = 8188048

1x Vinyl Coated Hasp - Small

1x Vinyl Coated Hasp - Premier

1x Scorpio Two way Hasp = 8625152

1x De Electric Hasp 3 holes / 3 mm shackle

1x De Electric Hasp 3 holes / 6 mm shackle

1x De Electric Hasp 6 holes / 6 mm shackle

1x set Combo Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout/Fuse Lockout

1x set PIN type Circuit Breaker lockout Combo pack

1x Large Circuit Breaker Lockout (Round) = 8625219

2x Mini Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout

1x Plug Lockout - Small

1x set TOP Multipurpose CABLE Lockout with 2 meter cable

2x DE Electric Padlocks, Red

1x SQUEEZER Multipurpose Cable Lockout - BLUE CABLE

1x set Long Shackle Padlocks

1x Cylinder Lockout

5x Saf-T-Lockout Tags

5x Saf-T-Lockout Ties

1x Writing Pen

1x Lockout Booklet

1x Screw Driver

1x Electrical Kit Lockout Bag


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