2 and 3 Arm for Rolling Bearings (Swedish Model) with Cone Knurl Puller, Kukko Series 112 For Centric Extraction of Small and Medium Bearings



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Weight 0.405000
Item Code 112
Sub Cat 1 Hand Tools
Sub Cat 2 Pryers & Pullers
Sub Cat 3 Bearing Pullers
Style/Material 2 and 3 Arm for Rolling Bearings (Swedish Model) with Cone Knurl
General Name Pullers
Shipping Type bulilit
Size / Purpose For Centric Extraction of Small and Medium Bearings
Origin Germany
Item Packaging 1
Manufacturer Kukko
Product Availability Standard lead time of this product is 8-10 weeks

2- and 3-arm pullers for rolling bearings (Swedish model) with cone knurl

The 2-arm extractor with conical knurl has been developed for the proper dismounting of rolling bearings in cooperation with a Scandinavian ball bearing manufacturer. Both the proportions and the consistently straight extractor legs are specially tailored to the requirements for centric extracting of small and medium-sized bearings. The central, manual fixation by the user-friendly conical knurl ensures with its precision that the bearing seat of the shaft and the bearing are extracted safely and gently.

Area of application
For centric extraction of small and medium bearings.

Self-centering of the legs by tightening the cone knurl

Cone knurl ensures a force-fit fixation of the puller without bouncing or deflection of the legs

Wedge-shaped leg end for secure grip of the bearing outer ring

Anti-slip device on the spindle head for safe working with spanners

Spindle run-out to protect the thread

Safe positioning of the spindle due to rotatable spindle tip both on smooth surfaces and for centering (Switch Technology)

Place the spindle centrally on the shaft
Tighten the cone knurls until the legs clamp around the bearing with a force fit
Pull the spindle manually to fix it
Move the hexagon on the spindle head with a ratchet or a combination spanner until the bearing is loosened


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