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Come join LSG and 3M's FREE WEBINAR on Hazard Awareness & PPE Protection for Metal Fabrication Industries on 17th May 10:00AM*

Learn about how you can better protect & improve the productivity of your workers in welding, grinding, painting, coating, working at height, and confined space applications.

Please contact Ms. Werielle Cariaga (w-cariaga@lsgindustrialph.com) / +63 45 649 8150 for any questions or clarification.


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Why Choose LSG Industrial

Procurement made easy at LSG Industrial. With a global network of suppliers, with most direct to manufacturers, we help businesses of all sizes to source and manage their supply chains. We believe that procurement is more than just a transactional process. It's about partnering with you, our clients, to help achieve your strategic goals. We do this by providing you with the expertise, resources, and technology you need to get the best possible value from your procurement spend. 

As your premiere purchasing partner, we offer a wide range of commodities including hard to find items across various industries: manufacturing; energy; electronics; semiconductors; automotive; hospitality; construction; business process outsourcing; education; retail; warehouse; etc. With an established streamline of processes, our staff strives to provide customers with exceptional service, prompt delivery, affordable prices, and committed customer care. 

With a solutions-oriented partner you can rely on, you can take your procuring needs off of your shoulders and focus more on growing your business. This is the LSG Industrial brand, your procurement experts.